New Product: AQUA

The AQUA family of rugged outdoor sconces are IP66 rated and designed for scalable, precise illumination of columns and other architectural features using precision beam angles down to 8 degrees.

  • Models: SX, LX, LX Up + Down
  • Sizing and Shapes: 3.5”, 4.5”, 6.0” in both round and square


One family. Endless applications.
A comprehensive collection of small, powerful, proportionally dimensioned luminaires.

  • 2 models: Square or Round
  • 3 sizes: small (2.5″), medium (3.5″) and large (6.0″)


The MODO family of specification-grade, LED luminaires is a collection of classic shapes and shades transformed into modern designs.

  • 5 models: Bellini, Forno, Duomo, Cappello and Toro
  • 2 sizes: small and large


High-efficiency LED cylinder downlight designed for demanding, time sensitive tenant improvement markets.  Optima exceeds the lighting requirements with efficacy greater than 100 lumens per watt and pricing that fits a contractor’s budget.

  • two sizes (4” and 6”)
  • pendant or surface mount configurations


CORE features clean lines in a beautiful, modern cylindrical form.


QUBE is a beautiful, contemporary square cylinder.


TUBE is a decorative, luminous fixture ideal for tall, voluminous spaces.


Functional and decorative, BRIO is a linear fixture with 460 lumen per foot.


Innovative design of TILT allows designers to focus light where it is needed.


Ideal for large-scale lighting applications where power and appearance matter.

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